Some months ago, St. Ives Archive were contacted by the publishers of the book "St. Ives Bay" with a view to producing a new edition of the book. St. Ives Archive then contacted us to enquire if we would like to collaborate on producing the new edition which, of course, we agreed to do.

After many months of sifting through photos, writing captions etc. the book has now been published. The pictures inside are in black and white as before and each picture is accompanied with informative captions.

The price is £12.99 so if you would like to reserve a copy then please drop us an email at the email address below. You can collect your copy from the Old Brewery Office on Tuesday mornings.  

We will not hold you to this if you change your mind.

Thank you. Hayle Community Archive

"Ventonleague" is a new book written and produced by Philip A. Rutter.

The book costs £12.00 plus p&p.

Contact Philip on 01736 753273

The Archive now has a large number of the book for sale at £5.00 each plus £3.00 for the DVD if you wish to have that also.

If your original book has loose pages please bring it to the Archive office for a straight swap. (Remove your DVD first)

Thank you. Hayle Community Archive